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Toothimplant.co.za is a referral practice concentrates on treatment modalities in the fields of Periodontology (gum problems), Oral Medicine, Tooth Implants and Dental Implants.  Our offices are situated in the northern part of Cape Town close to the TygerValley area. We can be contacted at +27 21 910 3330 for information relating to gum and mouth problems as well as dental implants.  Alternatively you can email any queries relating to dental implant treatment to drpaul@toothimplant.co.za or to Linda at linda@toothimplant.co.za .

This site will be presenting information relating to the above topics as well as information pertaining to our practice policy and position as well as links to other relevant sites.
Although we do many dental implant treatments we are committed to saving diseased teeth where possible.  In accordance to the treatment policies of the American Academy of Periodontology,  whose guidelines stress that periodontal health should be achieved in the least invasive and most cost-effective manner possible.
Dental implant treatments are, however, highly successful and have excellent long term prognoses.

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